Pb Consulting LLC was founded in 2009 and constitutes a pioneering, independent, private company of consulting services in the sectors of technology, regional development, employment, innovation, management and international collaborations. And Pb consulting LLC created DADPB platform in 2017.

Our team have 10+ years experience in business development, strategic marketing & communications, management consulting, company building/ entrepreneurship in Europe and USA. Therefore, we will help you create a compelling business plan, that tells a convincing story behind your business idea which you can use to raise funds with investors or engage stakeholders.

Today, we are helping millions of business networking around the globe make confident decisions. With every query, DADPB searches hundreds of business partnership platform sites to show project the information.

Together, we help people experience the world by creating their favorite business tools.

DadPb is designed to help business people get more done in less time. This do-it-yourself document templates software has been created to increase at-work productivity and efficiency.

Also our aim is to serve as a bridge between wealthy benefactors or investors and startups, businesses or individuals who are looking for funding by connecting them through the virtual business partnership platform.

Millions of ideas are dying in consequence of financial difficulties, unreliable partners and investors as time goes by. On the other hand, millions of investors are looking for reliable, trustworthy partners to invest into and project ideas to help communities around the world.