Privacy and Policy

  1. DadPb is to ensure initially the information confidentiality. Therefore, each user shall provide reliable information on the interactions in the network.
  2. You will be securely registered in our database of “DadPb“  to be connected with passionate and like-minded men and women, in order to promote many new ideas, create business activities, implement our common goals, create rich opportunities, to help you, and to store your information safely in our database.
  3. According to the terms & conditions of service, you shall loose confidentiality and personal privacy, under set conditions such as you agree to comply with by pressing the appropriate button. Furthermore, you alone are responsible for any harm caused by the transmitting of your own private details (such as your password) to a third party.
  4. We do not give guarantees and other services to unaffiliated organizations of our official agency that have not made guarantees for individuals according to the agreement.
  5. Our website database is protected from viruses and other Internet attacks. However, the security of your personal information is conditional and can be partially or completely annulled under following exceptions:

– In the case that we see a risk of damage to the organization’s activities and in the interests of intrusion,

– In case website needs to submit a user’s data to law enforcement agencies where affecting the interests of the customers and intellectual property obtained illegally.